We follow the Manitoba Education and Training curriculum for each subject.  Kindergarten is an important year for children, since it is their first experience in school.  Much of the learning that occurs throughout the year is related to the social and emotional needs and development of the students.

The children learn through themes and learning centres.  Curriculum outcomes are taught through hands-on activities.  Students participate in group activities, lessons and games.  Free Choice time is also an important part of Kindergarten, since children learn through imaginative play and interacting with their peers.

Kindergarten is offered full-time 8:50 a.m. – 3:25 p.m. 


  • Flexible bus service and before/after school care available
  • Music, French and Physical Education classes
  • Exciting field trips that supplement curriculum topics
  • SMARTboard, iPads and Chromebooks for student use
  • Monthly Special Events (Fun Lunch, Hot Dog Day, School Mass)

School Supplies Details HERE

Classroom Teacher’s Wiki/Blog

When clicking the following link, you will have access to the classroom teacher’s wiki/blog. The purpose of the wiki/blog is to gain insight into what content is being taught in the classroom, access to uploaded homework assignments, helpful student resources, studying materials, and communication with the teacher through daily to weekly blog posts. The teachers update their wiki/blog sites on a regular basis. This is a very beneficial resource for both the parent and student when it comes to staying organized and maintaining successful classroom performance.

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