Welcome to new and returning families. My name is Dominic Gawron and I’m the LICT teacher. This is my 4th year at Christ the King and my 2nd year as the LICT teacher.

Students are not given a formal grade or percentage regarding technology; however, all assignments and projects are connected to curricular content within their homeroom classes. We assess student progress by using a framework of outcomes for Literacy with ICT. Students create work that will encourage them to plan and question, gather and make sense, produce to show understanding, communicate, and reflect. We also focus on the importance of ethics and responsibility when using devices. This includes online safety and leaving a positive digital footprint.

Students will be using a variety of technology tools throughout the year. These include…

Typing.com accounts for grades 2-8
Typing.com is a free online typing program that develop skills and tracks progress through lessons and fun/interactive games and tests.

Skype Lessons accounts for grades K-8
Skype lessons are a fun and interactive way for students to connect with other teachers, professors, and specialists from all over the world via skype. The lessons can be integrated into all subjects.

Mystery Skype accounts for grades 7-8
Using their geographic knowledge of absolute and relative location, students skype a mystery classroom from anywhere in the world and, using communication, try to guess where that school may be located.

Green Screen accounts for grades 2-8
Green screens allow students to transport themselves to different places and time periods through the use of different backgrounds, the green screen, and our green screening app.

Code.org accounts for grades 3-8
Used by 10% of students in the world, Code.org introduces students to basic computer science through fun activities and tutorials-supported by Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and more.

Microsoft PowerPoint and iMovie accounts for grades K-8
Two user-friendly applications that can be used for any type of research project and presentation.

iPads and laptops are checked out by the homeroom teachers, to enhance the classroom content and to provide a mobile tool for educational research.

I look forward to working with all the students this coming school year through the implementation of new and existing technology to benefit their educational needs.

Online Educational Resources K-8

Grades K-8: https://www.prodigygame.com/
Grades 4-8: https://community.mathletics.com/signin/#/student
Grades K-5: https://www.splashmath.com/

Grades K-3: https://www.raz-kids.com/
Grades K-5: https://www.education.com/
Grades 1-8: www.typing.com for typing skills

Grades K-8: www.code.org
Grades 6-8: https://scratch.mit.edu/