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The catholicity of our school is one of our strengths. It is evident we are a catholic school. We are all human and we do make mistakes and catholic values and virtues guide the process to work through them, the little ones and the big ones.

Happy Parent

“The choice to send our children to Christ the King school was an easy one. They provide an exceptional faith-based education, with loads of extracurricular activities to meet the needs of each student. The school and all faculty members help to provide a sense of belonging amongst students and parents. The teachers are very dedicated and are extremely responsive when we have any questions or concerns. We believe Christ the King School provides our children with the best education while instilling a strong sense of values and beliefs.”

Abreu Family

Dear Ms. Carreiro, the teachers, staff, parents and students at Christ the King School:

In January of 2017 we first visited Christ the King School, my husband and I were interested in transitioning our children into a different school environment and family members had highly recommended that we look into CTK. We immediately knew that Christ the King was the School we wanted our children to attend for the remainder of their elementary and junior high school years and we were thrilled when both of the girls were accepted for the 2018/2019 school year. READ MORE

Happy Parent

“Our children began attending Christ the King School in September of 2019 and we currently have 3 children in Kindergarten and Grades 2 and 5.  As background due to my profession, our family lived in Southern Ontario and the United States during 2017 and 2018. This unfortunately led to our children having to change schools on a number of occasions which was certainly tough for our children. We have experienced both small and extremely large school environments.

Once we were able to settle back in Winnipeg, myself having graduated from Christ the King School many years ago had known how enjoyable my experience was for me and so naturally wanted for my kids to experience this as well. Despite my already lofty expectations, they have been pleasantly surpassed. My children were immediately accepted into a warm and friendly environment from both the staff and other students and to my amazement, my children developed relationships with other students almost within days.

The small school environment, academic standards, and ease of communication between parents and staff has no doubt made me realize that this was the school for us. Furthermore, I strongly feel the school properly prepares for the kids transition to high school.

We certainly have been accepted into the Christ the King community and could not be happier that we made the decision to have our children attend Christ the King School.”


“My husband and I always thought we would send our kids to the Catholic school I attended as a child.   When the time came for our son to start school, we visited multiple open houses for Catholic schools that offered a pre-Kindergarten program, just to make sure we were making the right decision.  When we went to Christ the King (CTK) School, it felt very welcoming and it had a strong sense of community.  It was evident that the leadership and teaching staff were organized, engaged and passionate. We really liked the fact that the school was small with a flexible before and after school program, and our kids could be bussed to grandma’s house after school when needed.

 To our surprise, we did not send our son to the school we originally planned but made the decision to enroll our son at CTK. We have been extremely happy with our decision and have not looked back.

 Within two weeks of starting the Junior Kindergarten program, our son’s coloring and drawing showed noticeable improvement. He talks about “Kelso’s Choice”, which has given him the tools to deal with conflicts that may arise with other children at school (and his baby sister at home). He also talks more about God. Most importantly, he looks forward to going to school every morning.  We feel that the Junior Kindergarten program has been an excellent balance of learning and play that sets a solid foundation for Kindergarten and the rest of his academic and social life.

 The teaching staff at CTK have been wonderful with our son and we have peace of mind sending him to school even during the pandemic, as we know they will go the extra mile to keep the kids safe. Communication with the teacher has been easy and seamless. We can contact her by email as needed and she always responds promptly (even after hours).  We also use the communication sleeve to send notes as needed in our son’s backpack.

We are extremely pleased that we have made the decision to send our son to CTK School. We know that if issues arise in the future, we will be able to discuss them openly with the teacher and principal. As a new family to the school, we highly recommend CTK and hope this information helps make an important decision easier.”

Happy Junior Kindergarten Parent

Before and after school programs and school bus services are provided with highest quality if service. These staff epitomize the mission of the school. They interact and positively engage with the students and develop meaningful relationships with students.

Happy Parent

I strongly recommend CTK for their academic programs as the teachers that my children have had did an amazing job.

Happy Parent

The teaching staff is amazing – my children that have gone on to high school were extremely well prepared compared to their classmates.

Happy Parent

Academics at CTK are great. Students leave prepared for high school. Our students excel due to the great teaching.

Happy Parent

My daughter and son have learned so much from their experiences at CTK school – how to care for one another, how to study and apply themselves academically, self-confidence, respect, how to work as a team and how to be a leader.

Happy Parent

We use the before and after school program regularly and our child enjoys it! Bus driver Bob is awesome!

Happy Parent

The Before and After School Program is a wonderful program. The people who run it are amazing. They all have heart and care so much for the children. Bob the bus driver is a dedicated and caring person. He does a good job keeping the children safe.

Happy Parent

The B&A program is wonderful – it has great resources in terms of the staff that work the program, and its flexibility is also a huge asset.

Happy Parent