Christ the King School provides bus service to all eligible students. The bus service is available for all students of Christ the King School who attend Kindergarten to Grade 8 provided there is ample space on the bus, and if an extra pick-up does not substantially increase the time of the bus route.

This service operates in the morning at 7:25 AM and at 3:25 PM.

Please check with the office for fees and form to complete indicating your bus needs. Students are dropped off in the bus/loading zone on Fernwood Avenue. Please make sure that the bus has ample room for parking during pick up or drop times.

The bus will not run if the wind-chill temperature reaches -45 at 6:00 a. m. at the Forks. The bus will be cancelled for the whole day in this case. Parents will be notified in the morning by means of the phone network system in place.


CTK School Kids boarding the bus

Catchment Area

Bus Catchment