The school uniform reflects the Christian principles and is an observable sign of the catholic values taught in our school.

We believe that wearing a school uniform reduces peer pressure and develops a sense of belonging and community in our school which in turn helps increase self-esteem and spirit, and reinforce feelings of oneness among students.

Part of each child’s educational growth is learning to take pride in their appearance and to dress properly.

The uniform takes into account safety, health, and our desire to create a positive learning environment. We have a school-wide uniform that all students are expected to follow. The only exception to this uniform is days, which are designated as “Colour Days” where students are allowed to wear regular clothes. Uniforms with the Christ the King Logo can be purchased through our supplier or our website or at the uniform fitting each spring.

Uniform Policy: Uniform Policy – revised May 2023

NEW! : Uniform Information for 2022-2023 School Year

GIRLS and BOYS ( Pre-K– 8)

  • Navy blue dress pants
  • Navy walking shorts
  • Burgundy or white CTK crested polo shirt
  • Burgundy Hoodie with CTK logo.


  • Navy skorts / pleated with navy tights or knee high socks
  • Navy tunic with navy tights or knee high socks


  • Burgundy gym shorts
  • CTK gym shirt

Students are to be in full uniform when in school. The only exception is colour days. In addition to the above uniform requirements, the following are specific rules and regulations to which students need to adhere while in school:

  • CTK sweatshirts must be worn with crest shirt collar showing
  • No runners with wheelies are allowed
  • Uniform must be clean and in good repair
  • Hair accessories, makeup and jewelry must be kept to a minimum.


Shoes are to be worn at all times. We ask all our students to have two pairs of shoes at school – one pair of indoor shoes and one pair of outdoor footwear. This allows the school to stay clean. We have a clean facility at CTK and we need your support in keeping it clean. Sandals without back straps, flip flops, Crocs, and other rubber sandals are not allowed.


Students are expected to dress appropriately on Colour Days. Clothing must be clean and appropriate, without tears or holes. T-shirts displaying violence, death or offensive remarks and revealing clothing are not permissible. Mesh Tank tops and tops with spaghetti straps, or crop tops are not allowed.


For all uniform related inquiries please go directly to our uniform vendor’s website:

NOTE: Christ the King School’s code is CHR01 when making orders