Physical Education classes are taught according to the Provincial Physical Education/Health Education Curriculum.  Student learning outcomes are based upon the 5 strands of the curriculum, which are Movement, Fitness Management, Safety, Personal and Social Management, and Healthy Lifestyle Practices.  The K-3 curriculum is based on learning skills directed towards:

1)      Transport Skills-running, galloping, jumping. Hopping, and skipping.
2)      Manipulation Skills-catching, throwing, bouncing, kicking, striking (ex. volleyball), and rolling.
3)      Balance Skills

The older the grade, the more in depth the program is.

The grade 4-6 curriculum is the time sport specific skills are taught, and where the students focus more on a selected sport.  The main sports in this age group are soccer, volleyball, basketball and badminton, but other sports are introduced and taught in this age group as well.  The grades 4-6 also learn the skills of track and field, and attend the MCSSA Catholic Schools Track and Field Meet in June at the University of Manitoba.

The grade 7-8 program goes into even more detail into what was taught in the grade 4-6 level, and this age level competes in the Manitoba Catholic Schools Athletic Association (MCSSA) league with approximately 15 other Catholic and Christian schools.  Students compete in league volleyball, basketball, badminton, and track and field.  The league is slowly introducing outdoor soccer as another sport, and has plans in the future for indoor soccer and indoor track and field as well.

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