Bingo Policy:

You can find the Bingo Policy here: PDF Bingo Policy – Updated December 2017

Information on how to register to work for Bingo:

To register, click on this link (click on it or copy and paste it into your browser’s address bar):

This will take you to a login screen like this one. Begin by filling in all of the required fields (name, phone numbers, address, etc).

Next, you’ll notice two windows with AVAILABLE JOBS and JOBS THAT INTEREST ME. There are already some jobs selected for you. These are the positions all new workers are “automatically” selected for.

Notice that when you select a job title, a job description appears below that box. You can read all about each position and decide which job(s) you’d like to sign up for.

You can change these preferences anytime in the future by logging in to your profile on any computer with internet access.

Next, is the checkbox for Scheduling Options.

Here are your options:

  1. Whenever my help is most needed. If you select this option, WE WILL SCHEDULE YOU for bingos based on your shift preferences. You can still ask for trades, but you will automatically be assigned shifts. You can still, at any time, sign up for specific shifts by logging in to the web terminal.
  2. For Specific Dates, Times and Jobs. If you select this option, you can sign up immediately for any available Bingo, at any position you prefer. This option allows you to schedule your own shifts. You can still ask for trades, and even specify shift preferences, but we will NOT automatically schedule you for shifts.

If you select “For Specific Dates, Times and Jobs” in this section, the next window to appear is a calendar showing the Bingo dates that require workers. To pick a specific date, click on the date and select one of the available assignments. Your request will appear below that window as a requested date.


To select a Bingo, click on the DATE you want (left window), and then on the POSITION you prefer to work (right window).

When you’re done picking dates and positions, click SUBMIT to confirm your choices. The system will verify that those dates are still available, and send you a confirmation email to let you know which date(s) are confirmed.

If you don’t receive a confirmation for all of your dates, it’s likely because someone else has taken that spot. In that case, you’ll need to log in to the Web Terminal again and pick another assignment.

That’s it! Easy!

We hope the registration process is easy and quick, and we’ve tried to walk you through a typical registration/sign up process. However, you may have some questions, and we’d like to help!

Here are some questions that you might have, and our best answers to those queries:

Q. How come I don’t get confirmations for all of the Bingos I signed up for?

A. The system works in real-time, which means that there might be others interested in the same date(s) that you are. If more than one person signs up for the same assignment, only the first one will receive a confirmation. But don’t worry, there are LOTS of Bingos to sign up for, just log back in and pick from the choices that are left.

Q. What if I make a mistake and want to remove a Bingo from my schedule after I’ve received a confirmation?

A. That’s easy! If you signed up for your Bingos and realize immediately that you’ve picked the wrong position or the wrong date, just email the Administrator with the details, and they will make the correction for you. Be prepared to pick another shift in case your first choice isn’t available! Remember, all shift assignments are confirmed on a first-come-first-served basis. Also, all requests for “administrator level” changes must be submitted within 48 hours of the confirmation, or you will have to request a substitute on your own.

Q. What if I want to sign up for MORE than my minimum Bingos?

A. We love you. In order to make it fair for EVERY family to have good choices for Bingo, we ask that you only sign up (and receive confirmations) for the required bingos initially. After the sign up period is closed… just log in, and pick more! We sure appreciate the help… and so do our kids!

Q. Do I still earn credits for Extra Bingos?

A. Yes, the Bingo Policy remains the same as before. Extra Bingos earn credits towards next year’s tuition.

Q. What if I can’t work a Bingo? How do I request a substitute?

A. First, we hope it’s not because you’re sick! Just log in to your online profile (we’ll email you the details when you register) and click on MY SCHEDULE. Find the date of the Bingo you can’t work, and click the link for REQUEST SUB. Your plea for help will be sent to all the workers who might be available that night. When one of them accepts your request, the change is automatically made, and you’ll receive a confirmation email… so will your replacement. If you do not receive a confirmation email, you’re still scheduled to work. Note that you should make every effort to request a sub as EARLY as possible, or you risk the $50 no-show charge if no replacement is found.

Q. What if I don’t have a lot of notice? What then? WHAT THEN?

A. We have you covered there too. You can email ANY worker(s) directly by logging in to your online profile. Just click on the tab marked ROSTER, and start calling or emailing from there. Easy!

Q. What if I don’t have internet access?

A. No worries. We have options for you! During the signup period, a computer will be made available for you to use in the school. You can register, sign up, and print off a copy of your schedule. You just won’t receive email reminders.

Q. Well that’s great, but what if I don’t have internet access, but need to request a substitute? What then, smarty pants?

A. If you’re looking for a substitute and your scheduled date is less than 14 days away, you’ll have to find a substitute on your own by using our handy dandy roster. A roster is available in the Bingo office, or you can ask for one to be sent to you via kiddie mail.

JUST TO BE CLEAR… it’s always your responsibility to find a replacement for your scheduled shifts. All we can do is put out the call for help. You MUST make your own arrangements, and confirm any substitutions on your own (through the online system or by phone) or you will be charged the $50 penalty for missing a scheduled Bingo.