Math:  The children will use manipulatives, play games and do paper-pencil tasks.  The general outcomes by strand are Number, Patterns and Relations,  Shape and Space, and Statistics and Probability.

ELA:  The children will become better readers as they continue to develop a more mature vocabulary.  They will learn strategies to help them decode words.  They will answer questions and do activities to prove their understanding of material that has been read.  With regards to writing, the children will practice weekly spelling lists, complete journal entries and create fictional stories.

Religion:  The program that is used is called “We Believe”.  We sing songs, pray, celebrate mass as well as various other activities.

Social Studies:  We will study our local community as well as two other communities in Canada.  These communities will be compared and contrasted with regards to various characteristics such as natural resources, unique and common features as well as culture.  Finally, we will take an in depth look at our country, Canada.

Science:  The children will take part in various activities including experiments, demonstrations and projects.  The clusters are Growth and Changes in Animals, Properties of Solids, Liquids and Gases, Position and Motion, and Air and Water in the Environment.

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