Welcome to Grade 3!

My name is Mrs. M. Pol and I am the core subject teacher. Grade 3 is a year of many changes and challenges. This year students will begin receiving regular homework and will be tasked with the responsibility of organizing their homework to and from school.

Our Language Arts program focuses on reading and writing. Students will develop strategies for reading to improve fluency, comprehension and to build on their vocabulary. This will be done by independent reading, guided reading and during class novel studies. Students will be introduced to the Excellence in Writing program. This program aims to help children build vocabulary and fluency identifying key words to use in their writing as well as by having proper sentence structure, spelling and punctuation. Students will also build on their vocabulary by having weekly spelling tests. Students will improve their handwriting by completing the Handwriting Without Tears program.

The math curriculum focuses on mental math strategies and problem solving. It also introduces 3-digit addition and subtraction. This year, students are often excited to learn multiplication, division, and fractions. Students will also learn how to create graphs and build knowledge on 3-D and 2-D shapes, patterning, and measurement.

For Science, students often participate in hands-on experiments to explore concepts in forces, structures, soils and plants.

For Social Studies, students will learn about Canadians and the world, as well as different types of communities.

The religion program in Grade 3 focuses on teaching students how to pray and follows the Liturgical Calendar. The students will also be focusing on scriptural readings and will be actively encouraged to apply concepts in religion to their everyday lives. This is typically done by reflecting on Virtues. Their religious education is also enriched by Bi-Monthly “House Team Meetings” to focus on the Virtues of the Holy Spirit and monthly Holy Mass participation.

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