Here at CTK School, our values are those of the Catholic religion.  Our aim is to develop students with a deep understanding of, and attachment to, their faith, to guide them on life’s journey.

Our students attend regular religion classes, to teach them about the history, beliefs and practice of the Catholic Church.  Sacramental preparation for First Communion, Penance and Confirmation is coordinated with the Parish of Christ the King.  Every month we attend Mass with the community, to foster a sense of belonging.  Each class also has an individual Mass every month, so Father can present a sermon customized to the students’ needs.  Father visits each class every year, to support the teachers’ work in developing our students’ spirituality.

Each year our Grades 5 and 6 students attend Spirit Day at St Boniface Cathedral.  Our Grade 7 & 8 classes each attend a retreat every spring, to deepen their experience of our faith.

We work hard to give our students a firm basis of faith that will support them throughout their futures

William H. Sadlier’s: We Believe with Project Disciple

Religious Education Series Grades K-6

The following is a brief description of the themes found in each textbook for grades kindergarten through six.

Kindergarten:  “God Made the World”

The kindergarten text invites the young child to come to an awareness of God’s goodness in creating the whole world and that God made all things good.  The child is opened to God’s love in creating each person as special and unique and they are encouraged to recognize the importance of loving and caring for all people, as well as everything in creation since everything is a gift from God.  They, also, come to know more about who Jesus is and who Jesus calls us to be.

Grade One:  “God Loves Us”

In the first grade, students are opened to the Blessed Trinity.  They are given a general understanding of how Jesus worked among people to help them see that he taught us about loving others and wants us to do the same.  The Holy Spirit is introduced so that the children might learn that Jesus continues to live within us and works within the Church to make us holy.  Simple descriptions of the Mass and sacraments are, also, introduced as celebrations of our faith.

Grade Two:  “Jesus Shares God’s Life”

As children in the second grade prepare for the reception of two sacraments, Penance and Holy Communion, they are given a little deeper understanding of Jesus and his everlasting presence in their lives.  They will take a closer look at the sacraments, especially, the two that they will celebrate during this year.  The children will review and begin to learn the Ten Commandments, as well as, grow in their appreciation of the celebration of the Eucharistic liturgy.

Grade Three:  “We Are the Church”

Children in the third grade have a stronger sense of what it means to “belong” to a family or a group, so in the third grade, they are invited to a more meaningful awareness of what it means to be a disciple of Christ.  They come to see that, as baptized Catholics, they are members of the Catholic Church and are called to more actively participate as daughters and sons of God’s worldwide family.

Grade Four: “God’s Law Guides Us”

Fourth graders are developing an ability to deepen their understanding of the story and the vision of the Church and begin to see their place in the community of believers.  They reflect more deeply on the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Jesus and how they help us to live lives of love and happiness.  They learn more about the importance of developing a good conscience and good, moral decision-making skills.

Grade Five: “We Meet Jesus in the Sacraments”

The children in grade five learn more about each of the seven sacraments, the roots of each sacrament in Scripture and the way that each sacrament is celebrated in the Church today.  They become more aware of the importance of the Eucharistic liturgy and what it means for them to fully participate in the Mass.  Greater emphasis is placed on their learning to love and serve others as Jesus did.

Grade Six:  “We Are God’s People”

Grade Six takes the young people on a journey through the Old Testament where they discover how God’s love is woven throughout history and continues in our world today.  They are introduced to people in our Salvation history whose lives are witnesses and examples of courage, who sacrificed, suffered persecution and even death for their faith.  Another, more in-depth, review of the Ten Commandments, will help the students to a greater understanding of how God’s law was initially given to us.


William H. Sadlier’s: We Live Our Faith

Religious Education Series Grades 7-8

The following is a brief description of the themes found in each textbook for grades seven and eight.

Volume One:  “As Disciples of Jesus”

This volume centers on Jesus’ life, his teachings, and the sacraments he instituted. It presents Jesus’ call to each person to become his disciple and the ways in which his teachings, his sacraments, and his Church nourish people for discipleship.  The four units in the text focus on the Creed and Divine Revelation; Jesus in the Gospels and through Church teaching; the sacraments and liturgy; and Catholic social doctrine and vocations.

Volume Two:  “As Members of the Church”

This volume presents the Church from her beginning at the Pentecost event through her history, encompassing her teaching and Tradition.  It presents the mission of the Church, entrusted to her by Jesus, as the responsibility of all baptized Catholics.  The four units in the text focus on Catholic morality; Church history; Catholic social teachings and the teachings and Tradition of the Catholic Church.